Bucher Doubles in 270's; Bartik Wins Xcel Modifieds
Sunday, 27 June 2010 03:43
Brandon Bucher enjoyed the feeling that accompanied his first career Micro-Sprint feature win. He liked it so much, in fact, that he decided to do it again - on the same night!

Bucher, from Myerstown, Pa., got things started on Saturday night at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway by capturing his initial victory in the 270cc feature that was postponed by rain on June 12. In the evening's nightcap, he doubled his pleasure by winning the regularly scheduled main event for the 270cc Micros.

Chip Geib notched his fourth triumph of the season in the postponed 25-lapper for the 250cc Four-Strokes. In the regularly scheduled Four-Stroke feature, Jessica Mohler registered her second victory of the season.

The second and final 2010 appearance of the Xcel 600 Modifieds was a good one, as Tyler Bartik, Slatington, snared his second triumph of the year. Bartik joins Nick Mady, who was the runner-up on Saturday, as the only two-time winners on the Xcel tour this season.

The regularly scheduled feature races for the 125cc and Sportsman Micro-Sprints were taken by Cody Drace and Ken Miller.

The rained out feature for the 270cc Micros led off on Saturday, with Bucher on the pole. The young lion withstood heavy pressure from Pete Skias, then narrowly held off Nick Skias, who passed his father for second on the final lap and nearly beat Bucher to the checkered.

"Pete was telling me to stay low as we drove around during the cautions," said Bucher. "I just did what he told me to do, and it worked. Dad spent a bunch of money on the engine this week, and we were really fast. I like this," he smiled while enjoying the victory lane festivities, "and I think I could get used to it."

Little did Bucher know that he would get used to the winner's circle proceedings in a hurry. In the seventh and final feature on a busy night at the Clyde, he took the lead at the outset and never looked back, although Sheena Schaefer made things interesting over the last several circuits around the high banked oval.

Schaefer stuck the nose of her Viper Chassis No. 3s under Bucher's car on numerous occasions, but the "Wild Child" was up to the task, holding on to win his second 25-lapper of the evening. Schaefer's engine developed a miss during the race, costing her the chance to draw even with the leader as they accelerated off the corners.

Sheena was forced to settle for second place money, with Josh Stoyer finishing third. Richie Hartman and Pete Skias completed the top five, as Viper Chassis took seven of the top eight positions when the race ended.

Greg Miller and Billy Logeman were the recipients of the Kelly Fuels Gas It Up Award in the two features for the 270cc Micro-Sprints.

In the postponed feature for the 250cc Four-Strokes, Chip Geib roared from sixth to the lead in just three laps. He passed George Potts, Jr. for the top spot, then cruised to his fourth victory of 2010.

"Lapped traffic was a mess," related Geib in his winner's interview, "they've got to learn to hold their line."

Craig DeSantis got by Potts with four to go, but Geib was long gone at that point. At the finish, it was Geib, DeSantis, Potts Jr., Jared Esh, and Jessica Mohler making up the top five.

The regularly scheduled main event for the Four-Strokes saw Mohler zip past Jake Booth to take command on lap three. A yellow with four laps remaining put DeSantis on her tail tank, and the veteran from Lititz dove to the inside of the leader on the restart. DeSantis surged ahead, but Mohler pulled a cross-over move in three and four to slip under the No. 39 and retake the lead.

She pulled away over the final laps to win by three-quarters of a second over DeSantis. Point leader Peter Michael wound up third, with Geib and Esh finishing fourth and fifth, respectively.

Xcel 600 Modified point leader Nick Mady started on the outside pole, and jumped into the lead as the green flag waved to begin the 20-lap feature for Doug Borger's touring group.

Tyler Bartik, seventh on the starting grid, found the low groove to his liking and began picking off the cars in front of him. Bartik ducked under runner-up Ryan Higgs on the seventh trip around the clay, then set his sights on Mady.

A restart with seven complete set the stage for the winning pass. Bartik stayed even with Mady for one whole revolution, then edged ahead of the No. 77x as the eighth circuit was scored. Once out front, Bartik took off, building a comfortable lead as Mady, Higgs, and Eric Whitby battled for second.

At the conclusion of the 20-lap affair, Bartik rolled to his first Clyde Martin triumph over Mady and Higgs. Whitby and a fast closing Jeromy Guistwite made up the top five when the checkered flag was displayed.

"Before the feature, I told my dad that I was going to go high as soon as I could. But the bottom groove was much better than I thought it would be, and the car worked well down there, so I used the low line to get to the front," said Bartik afterward.

The 125cc headliner went non-stop from green to checker, with winner Cody Drace completing the 25-lap distance in just 5 minutes, 13 seconds. His drive to victory was not an easy one, however.

Derek Ecenrode blasted to the lead as the green waved, with Drace moving from fourth to second in the first few laps. Drace tried in vain to unseat Ecenrode from the lead for more than half the race, until lapped traffic offered him an opportunity to strike.

A couple of slower cars forced Ecenrode to stab his brakes as the leaders launched off turn four to complete lap 14. Drace and David Ravel sandwiched Ecenrode behind the slower traffic, with Drace coming away as the new leader and Ravel now the runner-up.

Drace and Ravel waged a nip-and-tuck duel for the win as the laps wound down, but Drace prevailed for his second victory of the season. Ravel chased him to the stripe, with Ecenrode, Jesse Maurer, and Shane Braxton rounding out the top five.

Ken Miller zipped by race long leader Jason Hehnly off of turn four on the 12th tour, taking a lead that he would not relinquish. The first yellow of the Sportsman feature occurred with ten to go, but Miller was not to be denied. A subsequent caution with 22 complete put Brett Wanner on his rear bumper, but Miller simply pulled away to win his fourth of the year.

Wanner, Jason Swavely, Paul May III, and point leader Dwayne Mathias trailed Miller across the finish line as the 25-lapper concluded.

Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway now gears up for this Saturday's biggie...the second annual Micromania for the 600cc Micro-Sprints, along with the first ever 270cc Clash at the Clyde. Micromania is the final event of PA 600 Speedweek, as the best 600cc wheel-twisters in the country converge on Newmanstown in an attempt to win the big money and the Speedweek Championship.

On Saturday, July 3rd, the gates will open at 2 p.m. Warm-ups begin at 4:30, with the first heat race scheduled to go green at approximately 5:30. The 600cc Micros will compete in two rounds of qualifying heats, an alphabet soup of last-chance races, and the 50-lap Micromania A-Main. Depending upon the number of entries, the winner could receive $3,000, $5,000, or possibly $10,000!

The 270 Clash at the Clyde will pay $1,000 to the winning driver, with $100 to take the green. The 270cc throttle-jockeys will compete in qualifying heats, a consolation, and a 25-lap main event.


Postponed from June 12:

270cc Feature, 25 laps: 1.Brandon Bucher, 2.Nick Skias, 3.Pete Skias, 4.Kerry Lengle, 5.Jesse Maurer, 6.Steve Drevicki, 7.Chip Geib, 8.Mike Uhrich, 9.Christi Sweigart, 10.Billy Logeman, 11.Dave Grube, 12.Zack Fouse, 13.Phil Rupert, 14.Greg Miller, 15.Scott Gantert, 16.Richie Hartman, 17.Jason Swavely, 18.Edward Holz II, 19.Jerry Dorrell, 20.Josh Stoyer, 21.Brian Sholley, 22.A.J. Michael, 23.Tim Mertz. DNS: Dana Lamothe.

250cc Four-Stroke Feature, 25 laps: 1.Chip Geib, 2.Craig DeSantis, 3.George Potts Jr., 4.Jared Esh, 5.Jessica Mohler, 6.Peter Michael, 7.Ed Nocera, 8.Lewis Kepple Jr., 9.George Potts III, 10.Greg Schmuck, 11.Kim Enck, 12.Steve Brenner, 13.Ronald Wechter, 14.Sheila Fetter. DNS: Matthew Swift.

Regularly Scheduled Features for June 26:

Xcel 600 Modified Feature, 20 laps: 1.Tyler Bartik, 2.Nick Mady, 3.Ryan Higgs, 4.Eric Whitby, 5.Jeromy Guistwite, 6.Kasey Ernst, 7.Aaron Bowes, 8.Cody Coons, 9.Justin Schraden, 10.Cory Coons, 11.John Lakatos, 12.Joe Fanelli, 13.Mike Kelly, 14.Richie Hitzler, 15.Ryan Suchon, 16.Joey Fahler, 17.Paul Deruyter, 18.Chris Stockham, 19.Sean Weiss, 20.Butch Getz, 21.Ryan Kunkle, 22.Shaun Horning, 23.Gary Suchy Jr., 24.Corry Roth.

270cc Feature, 25 laps: 1.Brandon Bucher, 2.Sheena Schaefer, 3.Josh Stoyer, 4.Richie Hartman, 5.Pete Skias, 6.Steve Drevicki, 7.Dave Grube, 8.Greg Miller, 9.Christi Sweigart, 10.Chip Geib, 11.A.J. Michael, 12.Kerry Lengle, 13.Zack Fouse, 14.Devin Harron, 15.Jay Batdorf, 16.Kevin Kopp, 17.Nick Skias, 18.Jesse Maurer, 19.Billy Logeman, 20.Mark Hopwood, 21.Edward Holz II, 22.Mike Uhrich. DNS: Tim Mertz.

250cc Four-Stroke Feature, 25 laps: 1.Jessica Mohler, 2.Craig DeSantis, 3.Peter Michael, 4.Chip Geib, 5.Jared Esh, 6.Michael Booth, 7.Greg Schmuck, 8.George Potts III, 9.Jake Booth, 10.Lewis Kepple Jr., 11.Ronald Wechter, 12.Ed Nocera, 13.George Potts Jr., 14.Steve Brenner. DNS: Kim Enck; Sheila Fetter.

125cc Feature, 25 laps: 1.Cody Drace, 2.David Ravel, 3.Derek Ecenrode, 4.Jesse Maurer, 5.Shane Braxton, 6.Mark Yoder, 7.Bret Habecker, 8.Sonny Sweitzer, 9.Dave Grube, 10.Lee Reinhardt, 11.Tyler Reinhardt, 12.Bradley Brown, 13.Gary Gorski, 14.Bob Brubaker, 15.Corey Schmuck Jr., 16.Curtis R. Miller, 17.Brianna Gerhart, 18.Devin Harron, 19.Kyle Hehnly, 20.Jame Wampole, 21.Walter Wampole.

Sportsman Feature, 25 laps: 1.Ken Miller, 2.Brett Wanner, 3.Jason Swavely, 4.Paul May III, 5.Dwayne Mathias, 6.Donna Geib, 7.Kelby Stauffer, 8.Corey Schmuck Jr., 9.Jason Hehnly, 10.Dennis Ziegler, 11.Robert Shanaman, 12.David Kemp, 13.Jeff Hughes, 14.Wesley Fasnacht, 15.Jamie Fetterolf, 16.Jenna Keppley, 17.Tim Ziegler, 18.Mike Heiser, 19.Scott Garman, 20.Billy Logeman, 21.Bret Habecker, 22.Sarah Shreiner. DNS: Dennis Fenstermacher.



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