April 2010 - LMMC Meeting Minutes
Sunday, 18 April 2010 16:17
LMMC Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2010
The meeting was called to order by Tim Bortz, President, at 7:30 pm at the West Earl Fire Company.
Cheryl Brown, Secretary was not in attendance and so the minutes from the last membership meeting in March were read by Tim and stood as read with no additions or corrections. Minutes from the last board meeting were not available but Tim informed the club that there was nothing really significant to report to the membership at this time.
Treasurers Report:
Given by Sally Vest: Balance is $13,308.90. All bills have been paid except for a $4500.00 insurance bill. Income from practice day was $2,495.00
Class Reps:
Sportsman, 125 and 270 all reported progress. 600 and 4-stroke were not in attendance.
Committee Reports: 
  • Tech Committee had no one in attendance
  • Membership Committee reported 440 memberships so far this year which is higher than last year. It was mentioned at this time that there were 89 cars present on practice day.
Old Business:
Roger stated that he had a winner from Lanco for the tickets he sold for the Jim Buchter Memorial “Back in Time” D.J. Craig DeSantis won $100.00.
Barb Saville informed everyone that the Barnstomers Game is 5/2/10. Gates open at 12:30 and game begins at 1:30. Tickets can be either printed out on the computer, print a confirmation # on the computer and pick them up at the stadium, or they can be mailed for and extra $2.00 charge. Lanco has 50 reserved seats. Two Lanco cars will be on display at the game.
Tim mentioned that any club members wanting to sign up for the 270 race on July 3rd should do so before 5/1/10 because then it will open to everyone.
Tim reminded the club members about the upcoming Golf Tournament. Response has been slow and sponsorship forms are available.
Tim noted that on 4/24/10 “Cylo” the Barnstormers mascot will be at the track 6 pm -7 pm. Also two elementary schools will be invited. Doe Run from Manheim Central and Highland from Ephrata. Each student will get in free with one  adult.
New Business:
Sheena Schaeffer has organized “Race to a Cure” night at Lanco. It will be on May 8th. Daryl Dissinger #x5 a sportsman Modified and Kyle Martel #43 ARCA series driver will make a special appearance. Lots of items will be raffled off and donations to raffle would be greatly appreciated. Tickets for the raffle will be available two weeks prior to the race.
Barb Saville reported that sponsorships are progressing. There are 6 weeks open yet plus the Labor Day show. The cost to sponsor a night is $500.00.
Tim asked for volunteers to get to the track early this week to put up an orange net fence in the pit bleacher. He stated he only needed a few people and that is would not take long to do.
Greg Schmuck commented that the track was in great condition for practice and all in attendance agreed. Roger was thanked for doing an awesome job.
Jay Batdorf brought up the point that several tracks are now using one way radios. He believes the cost is $130 to $140 for each. It is known that Trailways, Path Valley and Kutztown are using them. It was suggested that the subject be investigated as to how well the drivers using them like them and how well they work. Also exact prices should be looked in to.
Tim mentioned that there will be a drivers meeting at 4:30 this week and drivers should attend.
The membership was made aware that the next general membership meeting would be at the track 5/10/10 at 7:30
With no further business Sally Vest made a motion to adjourn and Ron Hehnly 2nd. Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Gilbert

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