October 2009 - LMMC Meeting minutes
Saturday, 05 December 2009 10:55

Tim called the meeting to order at the East Earl fire company at 7:30PM. Minutes of the September LMMC meeting were read with one correction and the minutes stood as corrected. There was no September board meeting synopsis available.

Treasurers report:

Income and included deposit of monies carried over throughout the year, concession sales, transponder sale and banquet ticket sales. Expenses  consisted of final payments to the fire police and EMTs’, regular monthly expenses, 4-wheeler repair, meeting costs, insurance and a deposit for the 2009 trophies.

The report stood as read.

Correspondence: none.

Class reps: had no business to report.

Banquet Committee: reports everything is ready for the banquet. The banquet will be held November 21st @ the Lancaster Host resort. Door open at 5PM and dinner will be served at 6PM. Tickets are 35.00/ticket. Race teams are also asked to please bring a door prize.

Membership: reports interest in purchasing numbers.
Old Business:The floor was opened for further nominations for elected positions. There were no further nominations except for the 125 class. Mike Teeter offered last month, Ron Shannamon was nominated from the floor. The 125 class members in attendance voted between the two and mike Teeter won by a majority vote.
The secretary cast a vote for all uncontested positions. They are as follows: Joe Kepple for the Sportsman Class, Mike Teeter for the 125 class, Ken Mohler for the 4-stroke class, Randy Schaeffer for the 270 class, Ken Miller for the 600 class.

She also cast the vote for the uncontested officer positions, they are as follows: Tim Bortz for president, Kerry Gilbert for vice president, Sally Vest for treasurer and Cheryl Brown for secretary.

New Business:The floor opened for discussion on the rule changes or additions. They were read one by one and the results are listed in the addendum.

With no further business Tim accepted a motion to adjourn from Pete with a second from Vern. The motion passed and we adjourned at 9:45PM.


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