2014 LMMC Rules Change Log
Friday, 15 November 2013 06:39

 Rule Change 1 - XII. Penalties: Section B  

1. Car mishandling, i.e. if low tire causes mishandling, the car is retired, otherwise it may continue. A flat tire will be an immediate cause for removal from the race. Exception, the left front, but it must be on both beads. Cars that are an immediate threat to the safety of other competitors due to mishandling or an erratic line on the track will be cause for an immediate caution flag followed by disqualification.

Note: The change allows cars to be DQ'd if they pose a safety threat to other competitors due to mishandling or an erratic line.


Rule Change 2 - XII. Penalties: Section A

5. Any car having four wheels on the infield may return to the track in a safe manner without improving position. If the driver improves his/her position he/she will be penalized.

Note: The change removes the words “no cutting corners.” 


Rule Change 3 - XI. Racing Rules

I.     If for any reason a yellow flag is necessary after one lap has been completed, the restart will be single file and the order will revert to the last completed lap for all cars that passed after the yellow flag was thrown.

1.      In order for the first lap of any event to be considered complete, all cars must cross the start/finish line prior to the yellow being thrown. Restart will be a complete restart of the starting line-ups except for those cars stopped in the yellow, they will start at the rear of the field inverted in order from the their originally scheduled starting position.

2.  After the first lap is completed, any accident will revert  back to the previously completed lap for those cars not crossing the finish line prior to the yellow flag being waived. Those cars that stop go to the rear of the field in front of the lap cars inverted in order from the last completed lap. 

Note: The changes require all cars to cross the start finish line on the opening lap for it to count, and alters the order cars line up in when involved in a crash.


Rule Change 4 - X.    Body

B. Painting and Number (guidelines only – not a tech item)

1.      All cars must be painted an attractive color or colors

2.      A six-inch minimum height car number is to be painted on both sides of the tail.

3.      A 15-inch minimum height car number is to be painted on top of the wing, angled towards the right, from the front of the car.

4.      A 10 inch minimum car number is to be painted on both sides of the wing.

5.      Any letter as part of the number must be half the size of the number and appear at the rear of the number.

Note: Added (guidelines only – not a tech item)


Rule Change 5 - II.    Engines

D. Maximum piston displacements shall be:

2. 4-stroke 250 engine - Stock bore, stock stroke, stock cylinder height, no spacer plates, no thick gaskets, stock configuration crank and rod. Any work on heads and valves is allowed. The existing modified (4 Stroke 270 engines) engine owners may run with 125cc class; Fuel injection is permitted, if fuel injection is used, the motor must remain stock bore, stock stroke, stock cylinder height, no spacer plates, no thick gaskets, stock configuration crank and rod, and have OEM throttle bodies.

Note: Added language limiting cylinder heights, spacer plates, etc.


Rule Change 6 - I.       General

I. All rule changes must be submitted by or at the September club meeting to the Rules Committee Chairman.

Note: New rule


Rule Change 7 III. Engines

            B. The sportsman class allows the following engines:

1.      Spec 250cc liquid cooled engine

 l  The following are the approved engines:

u 1992 to 2001 Honda CR 250cc

n  Bore x Stroke: 66.4mm X 72mm

u 2002 to 2007 Honda CR 250cc

n  Bore x Stroke: 66.4 mm x 72 mm

l  Cylinder and head must hold a minimum of 20.5cc of fluid for a compression ratio test.

u The volume is measured with the head bolted to the cylinder of a race ready engine, when the piston is at TDC (Top Dead Center) and measured to the top of the spark plug threads.

l  The engine must be stock in configuration and appearance with no internal or performance modifications, other than those modifications listed below: (all other internal or performance modifications will be considered illegal)

1)      Any carburetor

2)      Any pipe

3)      Any fuel pump

4)      Any two ringed piston manufactured as an OEM replacement for the approved engine; both rings must be used.

5)      Power valves may be removed and replaced with a plug.

6)      Clutch linkage and kick-starter assemblies may be removed and plugged.

7)      Remove and weld aluminum lug by chain sprocket on engine side case.

8)      Remove and weld aluminum casting on case half where carburetor rests.

9)      Aftermarket covers may be used for the: clutch cover, ignition and/or power valve.

10)  Clutches may be removed and clutch hub may be altered or replaced with an aftermarket hub.

11)  Cylinder modifications any internal modifications that do not alter the appearance of the outside of the cylinder.

12)  Any Honda straight or angled carb insulator boot.

a)      Modifications for carb retention are allowed as long as they do not enhance performance.

13)  Stock Honda Head, no inserts.

a)      Head cutting is allowed – must meet 20.5cc fluid test.

14)  The clutch side may be sealed from the gear case and an additional fill plug may be added.

l  Additional clarifications:

1)      Stock Bore

2)      Stock Stroke

3)      Stock OEM Crank and Rod, no modifications

4)      No base or spacer plates

5)      The following stock OEM gaskets must be usedand may not be modified: Head, Base and Reed

a)      Only 1 of each gasket may be used and no additional Head, Base or Reed gaskets may be used

6)      Ignition must be stock appearing, any plug wire, spark plug or spark plug cap may be used

7)      Stock OEM reed cage from a 1992 to 2007 Honda CR250cc model year engine –no modifications

8)      No reed spacer

9)      No case porting

2.      270cc Air Cooled Engine

l  Engines marketed as an air-cooled 250cc displacement or fewer engine.

l  Maximum piston displacements shall be 270cc

Note: Adds rules for a “Spec” liquid cooled engine in the Sportsman class.


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