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Monday, 04 June 2012 21:41

For the past five years, the PA 600 Speedweek Champion has been crowned after the tour's final event at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway. The final race of the week-long festival of speed and competition was a huge, high-paying spectacular that brought the best of the best in the 600cc Sprint community to the Clyde to determine who would win the big dollar battle, and who would win the overall Speedweek championship. It was a great way to end the grueling series; a big race at one of the country's nicest Small Car facilities and most competitive tracks.

In 2012, however, it's time for something completely different...




On June 30 and July 1, the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway will move to the other end of the PA 600 Speedweek schedule; the Lanco club will host the first two races of Speedweek, along with a pair of big dollar special events for the 270cc Sprints. It's still Micromania for the 600's, and it's still the 270 Clash at the Clyde, but the mega-extravaganza has expanded into a two-day showdown of clay spittin', wheel-to-wheel action highlighted by four big main events!



While the big buck Micromania and Clash at the Clyde will take the spotlight on Sunday, July 1st, the weekend of side-by-side and three-wide mayhem begins on Saturday, June 30th, with the Prelude to the Mania for the 600's and the Flash Before the Clash for the 270's. Both days will feature full programs for both the 600cc and 270cc Sprints, topped off by main events for each class. Saturday's feature races will send the top six (from the 600cc Prelude) and top four (from the 270cc Flash) directly to their respective Dash races and A-mains on Sunday.



Sunday's 600cc Micromania A-main will pay the winner $10,000 - provided Saturday's program is completed and at least 60 cars are entered on Sunday - and an astounding $300 to take the green in the 50-lap Micromania A-main.


The 270cc Clash at the Clyde will pay $1,000 to win and $170 to take the green, as long as Saturday's program is completed and at least 40 cars are entered on Sunday, July 1.



The complete purse breakdown and race format for each class is posted on the track's website at www.lancomicrosprint.com. The homepage includes a link to each of the entry forms and the payout schedule can be accessed by clicking on the PA 600 Speedweek logo or by going to the Clyde's schedule page and clicking on the date for this event.


It should be noted that both Saturday and Sunday's 600cc main events will award points toward the overall PA 600 Speedweek Championship.



Sponsors have been signing up to support this colossal event as news of the gigantic weekend of racing has spread. The list of marketing partners for Micromania and Clash at the Clyde is impressive, and it includes Hyper Racing, NPS Racing Engines, Dayton Parts of Harrisburg, Pa., RTS Chassis, and the 600 Pro Series.


There will also be Hard Charger Awards on both days and in both classes; those awards will be sponsored by Shred Racing Photos. The driver who advances the most positions in Saturday's preliminary mains - in both the 600cc and 270cc divisions - will receive an extra $50.

That amount doubles to $100 for each division on Sunday.


Additional sponsorship opportunities for this not-to-be-missed weekend of high speed adventure are still available by contacting Richard Fox, 140 Southview Drive, York, PA 17402. That is also the address to which entry forms must be returned for both the 600cc Micromania and 270cc Clash at the Clyde.



Saturday's car entry fee for the 600cc Sprints is $30, while the early entry fee for Sunday is $150. The deadline for early registration is June 25 - entry forms must be postmarked by the 25th in order to receive the discounted fee. As of June 26, the cost to enter Micromania jumps to $200.00.


The entry fee for the 270cc Sprint event is $60 if entry forms are postmarked by June 25; the fee increases to $80 as of June 26.

Entries will be accepted up to and including race day.


The cost for pit passes is $30 per day.



While drivers from all over the United States have traveled to the Clyde for past editions of this prestigious event, the northeastern contingent has defended its turf since the first running of the Showdown (as it was formerly known) and Micromania at the Lanco facility in 2007. Previous winners include Mike Dicely, Robbie Kendall, Mike Rutherford, and Shane Lewis; only Kendall, who has moved into bigger Sprint Cars, will not be in the field this year.

The first running of the 270 Clash at the Clyde took place last season, and it was Lanco's own Billy Logeman claiming the lucrative victory.



Who will be basking in the limelight of victory lane this year? The entry lists are forming, and both classes are sure to be infested with a "who's who" of 600cc and 270cc hotshoes. It's a "can't miss" event, and you've just gotta come out and LIVE the excitement that is Lanco's Micromania and Clash at the Clyde!


Additional information is available at lancomicrosprint.com.





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