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Sunday, September 4, 2011:

125cc Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Jesse Maurer, 2.Kory Merkey, 3.Dave Grube, 4.Phil Durham, 5.Barry Pollard, 6.Ken Miller, 7.P.J. Williams, 8.Bradley Brown, 9.Darren Miller, 10.Ryan Wilson, 11.Mark Yoder, 12.Derek Ecenrode, 13.Zoe Ford, 14.Curtis R. Miller, 15.Brianna Gerhart, 16.Erin DeLong, 17.Tyler Tank, 18.Shane Braxton, 19.Angelo Bianco, 20.Jason Hehnly, 21.Derek Miller, 22.Joshua Conover, 23.Sonny Sweitzer, 24.Kyle Spence.


Sportsman Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Ken Miller, 2.Jason Swavely, 3.Bret Habecker, 4.Mike Rutherford, 5.Dwayne Mathias, 6.Matt Abers, 7.Sheena Shaeffer, 8.Dave Kemp, 9.Brett Wanner, 10.Kelby Stauffer, 11.Dennis Ziegler, 12.Paul May III, 13.Rick Fisher, 14.Joel Tolley, 15.Dean Spangler Jr., 16.Dave Schroeder, 17.Corey Schmuck Jr., 18.Jenna Keppley, 19.Nick Skias, 20.Dean Spangler Sr., 21.Mike Heiser, 22.Tim Buckwalter.

270cc Four-Stroke Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Chip Geib, 2.Ryan Morris, 3.Justin Harrington, 4.Ryan Shupp, 5.Kim Enck, 6.Travis Esh, 7.Matthew Swift, 8.Earl Eveland, 9.Ronald Wechter. DNS: Jessica Mohler; Craig DeSantis.

NOTE: The 30-lap A-Mains for the 270cc Two-Stroke and Wingless 600cc Classes were rained out. The total purse was distributed among the drivers who qualified for the respective A-Mains, and non-qualifiers in the B-Mains were also paid.

Drivers who qualified for the 270cc Two-Stroke A-Main (listed according to qualifying points earned in dual heat races on Saturday and top six from B-Main):

Mike Rutherford, Zack Fouse, Richie Hartman, Dave Grube, Marty Gorr, Ryan Smith, Shane Lewis, Nate Weidman, Billy Logeman, Tom Schearer, Brayden Winters, Jason Swavely, Mike Dicely, Ross Perchak, Josh Stoyer, Jared Esh, Jesse Maurer, Chip Geib, Devin Harron, Kevin Garman, Pete Skias, Christi Sweigart, Nick Walton, Matt McAnally, Lee Reinhardt, Jarid Kunkle.

Drivers who qualified for the Wingless 600cc A-Main (listed according to qualifying points earned in dual heat races on Sunday and top six from B-Main):

Ryan Smith, Ryan Greth, Shane Lewis, Mike Rutherford, Kyle Lick, Jeff Hartman, A.J. Michael, Chris Rupp, Jim Radney, Robbie Kendall, Rick Perone, Mark Yoder, Jack Conover, Tim Buckwalter, Mike Dicely, Chris Panczner, Shaun Brandel, Phil Durham, Luke Thomas, Jeff Halligan, Tom Kohler, Brent Ely, Dean Seemans, Tyler Esh, Bobby Butler, Brittany Brown.

September 3 Results:
Winged 600 Feature, 30 laps:
1.Mike Rutherford, 2. Peter Michael, 3.Shane Lewis, 4.Tyler Ross, 5.Ben Murphy, 6.Jimmy Brookens, 7.Timmie Barrick, 8.Jeff Halligan, 9.Brian Carber, 10.Tom Kohler, 11.Kameron Morral, 12.Robbie Kendall, 13.Tim Dietz, 14.Danny Wykes, 15.Shaun Brandel, 16.Brock Zearfos, 17.Tyler Walker, 18.Tyler Esh, 19.Chris Gerhart, 20.Chris Panczner, 21.Phil Durham, 22. Ryan Greth, 23. Travis Scott, 24. Chad Clark, 25.Heath Hehnly, 26. Mike Dicely.





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