8/15/09 - Buckwalter Heads a Successful Saturday for Six Drivers
Friday, 14 August 2009 19:00

Brickerville, PA - A total of seven feature races were completed at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway on Saturday night, and six different drivers shared victory laurels when the event concluded. Perhaps the biggest win, though, was achieved by Tim Buckwalter in the 600cc Micro-Sprint class.

Driving Gary Spotts' No. 25s, Buckwalter completed a "dream weekend" by following up on his triumph at Linda's Speedway on Friday with a win at the Clyde.

Sharing the spotlight with the Douglassville, Pa. resident on Saturday were Richie Hartman (270cc); Peter Michael (250cc Four-Strokes); Nathan Weidman (125cc); and Jason Hehnly (Sportsman). Hehnly doubled his pleasure by also winning the Sportsman feature that was postponed by rain on August 8. Jesse Maurer recorded the victory in the make-up race for the 125cc Micros (also rained out on August 8).

"Linda's and Lanco are the two hardest tracks to win at, so this feels like a dream," grinned Buckwalter as he basked in the limelight of victory lane for the second night in a row.

Jeff Halligan snatched the lead from Kerry Gilbert on a third lap restart, as the 600cc Micro-Sprints circled the high banked oval in rapid fashion.

Buckwalter, who started eighth, passed Tyler Ross for the runner-up position with ten to go, then began his assault on Halligan for the top spot. Buckwalter hounded the Ephrata teen for five circuits, finally muscling his way into the lead off turn two with 20-laps on the scoreboard."The top was the place to be," explained Buckwalter, "but I had to use the bottom to get by Jeff. As soon as I cleared him, though, I went back to the top because that's where I had to be." When he gained command of the event, Buckwalter raced away from Halligan to win by almost three-seconds. Mike Rutherford placed third, ahead of Ross and A.J. Michael.Jamie Kostic, Ross, and Buckwalter captured qualifying heats for the 31-car field. Mike Caropolo won the consolation.

In the 25-lapper for the 270cc Micros, Richie Hartman emerged as the leader on lap 18 after a terrific side-by-side battle with Jason Swavely. The defending track champion went on to win his fifth feature of the season in this class, flashing under the checkered flag by 1.2 seconds over Mike Rutherford, who slipped past Swavely for second with six tours remaining.

Steve Drevicki and Todd Steffy completed the top five.

Heat race victories in the 270cc class went to Rutherford, Brian Sholley, and Scott Gingrich.

When Jared Gabers missed a shift in turns one and two, "Pistol Pete" Michael darted under him to snare the lead in the 250cc Four-Stroke main event. Michael then fought off repeated challenges by Gabers over the final 15 trips around the lightning-quick clay oval, holding on to win his second race of the year.

Richie Hartman moved in to battle Gabers for the runner-up slot, allowing Michael some breathing room during the last few revolutions. Michael crossed the line as the winner, with Gabers gamely holding off Hartman for second. Chad Rhoads and Ryan Gabers finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Hartman and Michael were victorious in the Four-Stroke qualifiers.

Jason Hehnly is on a three-race winning streak in Sportsman competition, with the last two victories occurring on Saturday.

With nine laps in the books on August 8, rained moved over the speedway, forcing the event to be completed on August 15. Hehnly was leading at the time, and he resumed his domination of the 25-lapper last Saturday.

The one week delay did not hamper Hehnly in the least, as he drove away from the field to win handily over Jeff Hughes. Mark Ludwig passed Brett Wanner for third in the waning laps, and Sheena Schaefer finished fifth.

In the regularly scheduled main event for the Sportsman Micros, J. Hehnly was once again the dominant force. Wheeling the Garman Racing No. 49, Hehnly blasted by Mike Skias to take the lead on the second circuit, then expertly navigated lapped traffic to secure his second triumph of the night.

After a yellow with one lap complete, the race went non-stop over its final 24 tours. Sheena Schaefer finished a distant second, with Brett Wanner trailing in third. Mark Ludwig and Ken Miller completed the top five.

Hehnly, Schaefer, Wanner, and Ludwig all registered a pair of top-five finishes during their night's work.

Sportsman heat race winners included M. Skias, Dwayne Mathias, and Ludwig. Jenna Keppley notched the consolation victory.

The postponed feature for the 125cc Micro-Sprints belonged to the division's two-time and defending point champion, Jesse Maurer.

Maurer, the Mt. Joy Outlaw, took the green from the inside of row three. He grabbed the lead from Kyle Henninger as they charged off turn four to complete lap three, and was never headed.

Winning his fourth feature of the season in 125cc competition, Maurer cruised across the stripe to defeat Bret Habecker, an impressive Henninger, Bradley Brown, and Nathan Weidman.

Later in the evening, the 125cc racers took part in their regularly schedule main event. Nathan Weidman led all the way for his first victory of the season, but it wasn't easy.

Henninger and Maurer applied pressure to the race leader for several laps, but Weidman prevailed as Maurer wrestled the runner-up position from Henninger during the second half of the 25-lap feature.

Chasing Weidman to the finish line were Maurer, Habecker, Henninger, and Bradley Brown.

Both races had the same drivers finish in the top five positions, albeit in a different order.

Maurer and Weidman captured heat race victories for the 125cc Micros.

Wayne Lesher brings his 600 Pro Series to Lanco this Saturday, August 22nd. With sponsorship from Gary Spotts Insulation, some big bucks await the touring 600cc wheel-twisters. Lanco's other four weekly classes will also be a part of this huge program as they compete in qualifying heats, consolations, and 25-lap features on Greenawalt Photo Night.

Gates open at 3:30, with warm-ups scheduled for 5 p.m. The first heat race goes green at 6:00.

Adult General Admission is just $8.00, with discounts for Senior Citizens and students. Tickets for youth between the ages of six and twelve are priced at $2.00, and children under the age of six are admitted FREE. And there's always free parking at the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

Point battles are heating up in all of the weekly classes, and this week's agenda is highlighted by the first ever appearance of the 600 Pro Series! With all of this action, you've just gotta come out and LIVE the excitement that is Lanco!


600cc Micro-Sprints: 1.Tim Buckwalter  2.Jeff Halligan  3.Mike Rutherford  4.Tyler Ross  5.A.J. Michael  6.Jamie Kostic  7.Heath Hehnly  8.Robbie Kendall  9.Jimmy Glenn  10.Kerry Gilbert  11.Brent Ely  12.Ryan Wilson  13.Rick Stief  14.Mike Caropolo  15.Shane Lewis  16.Chris Gerhart  17.Ken Miller  18.Brock Bilger  19.Bruce Buckwalter  20.Paul Graham  21.Carl Lieber  22.Greg Fitzpatrick  23.Richard Mellor  24.Jared Davis.

270cc Micro-Sprints: 1.Richie Hartman  2.Mike Rutherford  3.Jason Swavely  4.Steve Drevicki  5.Todd Steffy  6.Scott Gingrich  7.Jesse Maurer  8.Brandon Bucher  9.Billy Logeman  10.Mike Uhrich  11.Dave Falini  12.Paul Graham  13.Dave Grube  14.Jim Skias  15.Christi Sweigart  16.Nathan Weidman  17.Steve Whary  18.Heath Hehnly  19.Jay Batdorf  20.Zack Fouse  21.Dan Degler  22.Brian Sholley  23.Jared Esh  24.Cody Drace.

250cc Four-Stroke Micro-Sprints: 1.Peter Michael  2.Jared Gabers  3.Richie Hartman  4.Chad Rhoads  5.Ryan Gabers  6.Craig DeSantis  7.Lewis Kepple Jr.  8.Ed Nocera  9.Chris Lee  10.Kim Enck  11.Jake Booth  12.Ray Merkey  13.Michael Booth  14.Phil Johnson  15.Jason Johnson  16.Dick Huzzard  17.Jessica Enck.

125cc Micro-Sprints: 1.Nathan Weidman  2.Jesse Maurer  3.Bret Habecker  4.Kyle Henninger  5.Bradley Brown  6.Cody Drace  7.Mark Yoder  8.Shane Braxton  9.Derek Ecenrode  10.Sonny Sweitzer  11.Corey Schmuck Jr.  12.Dave Grube  13.Chrissy Ochs  14.Scott Gantert  15.Heath Hehnly.  DNS: Brianna Gerhart; James Wampole; Walt Wampole.

Sportsman Micro-Sprints: 1.Jason Hehnly  2.Sheena Schaefer  3.Brett Wanner  4.Mark Ludwig  5.Ken Miller  6.Dwayne Mathias  7.Steve Drevicki  8.Robert Shanaman  9.Donna Geib  10.Mike Skias  11.Jason Swavely  12.Jeff Hughes  13.Wesley Fasnacht  14.Tim Ziegler  15.Dennis Ziegler  16.Robert Schaffner  17.Sarah Shreiner  18.Jamie Fetterolf  19.Dennis Fenstermacher  20.Jenna Keppley  21.Joel Tolley  22.Billy Logeman  23.Kelby Stauffer  24.Dave Schroeder.

Sportsman Micro-Sprints (Postponed from August 8): 1.Jason Hehnly  2.Jeff Hughes  3.Mark Ludwig  4.Brett Wanner  5.Sheena Schaefer  6.Mike Skias  7.Dwayne Mathias  8.Steve Drevicki  9.Billy Logeman  10.Donna Geib  11.Dennis Ziegler  12.Robert Shanaman  13.Wesley Fasnacht  14.Ken Miller  15.Tim Ziegler  16.Paul May III  17.David Kemp  18.Joel Tolley  19.Jenna Keppley  20.Robert Schaffner  21.Sarah Shreiner  22.Jamie Fetterolf  23.Glenn Moyer  24.Kelby Stauffer.

125cc Micro-Sprints (Postponed from August 8): 1.Jesse Maurer  2.Bret Habecker  3.Kyle Henninger  4.Bradley Brown  5.Nathan Weidman  6.Dave Grube  7.Heath Hehnly  8.Mark  Yoder  9.Sonny Sweitzer  10.Scott Gantert  11.Shane Braxton  12.Brianna Gerhart  13.Chrissy Ochs  14.Corey Schmuck Jr.  15.Derek Ecenrode  16.Cody Drace.


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